New Comedy TV Series (Coming Soon)

  • PURITY SQUAD the series

    Welcome to PURITY SQUAD, the series. The new comedy from Mimi Productions and writer/director David J. Miller.

    Purity Squad produced by Mimi Productions and ViralFilmVideo

    Darla Foster is under House Arrest, on bail, accused of killing her husband, and can't step one foot outside of her luxurious home....

    Purity Squad produced by Mimi Productions and ViralFilmVideo

    ...unsatisfied with her lawyer, she enlists the help of The Purity Squad, a team of college law students who help the wrongly accused...

    Purity Squad produced by Mimi Productions and ViralFilmVideo

    ...with the addition of a handsome new lawyer and a bumbling investigator, Darla's new dream team fights to prove her innocence... and find the real killer.

  • Meet The Cast

    Below is only a part of the cast of our new show. With many more episodes to film, we will be adding even more talent!

    Danielle Maddox as Darla in Purity Squad

    Danielle Maddox

    "Darla Foster"

    The Wife

    Nico Presley as Megan in Purity Squad

    Nico Pressley


    Purity Squad

    David Weiner as Richard in Purity Squad

    David Weiner


    Darla's Assistant

    Amir Yousuf as Pat in Purity Squad

    Amir Yousuf

    "Pat Patel"

    Darla's Lawyer

    Sabrina Harms as Katy in Purity Squad

    Sabrina Harms


    Purity Squad

    Rebekah Szilagyi as Eva in Purity Squad

    Rebekah Szilagyi


    Purity Squad

    Kyle Opalk as Larry in Purity Squad

    Kyle Opalk


    Purity Squad

    Clare Elaine Collins as Jessica in Purity Squad

    Clare Elaine Collins


    Purity Squad Researcher

    James Pusztay as Tiny in Purity Squad

    James Pusztay


    Lead Investigator

    Liam Bryce as CJ in Purity Squad

    Liam Bryce


    the Personal Trainer

    Jennifer Goodman as Lindsey in Purity Squad

    Jennifer Goodman


    the Best Friend

    Terry Gallagher as Michael in Purity Squad by Mimi Productions

    Terry Gallagher


    the Husband

    Kirsten Luiz as Lupe in Purity Squad

    Kirsten Luiz


    the Staff

    Charles Harris in Purity Squad by Mimi Productions

    Charles Harris

    "Mr. Heidrich"

    the Professor

    Marlon B. Servellon as Barnaby in Purity Squad

    Marlon B. Servellon

    "Barnaby Justice"

    the Reporter

  • Purity Squad NEWS

    Production is underway and we need your help! Please visit our GoFundMe.com page to learn how you can help and be a part of the Purity Squad!

  • we need your HELP!

    Please visit our GoFundMe page and become a part of our team.

    • Production is underway, but we need more resources to help us finish the show.
    • We also will be marketing the pilot and future episodes to networks and web outlets so our show can be enjoyed by everyone.
    • Spread the word and be a part of The Purity Squad!  Visit our Facebook Page.
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  • Videos

    Coming Soon!

    PuritySquad Update

    with footage

    Danielle Maddox shares an update along with a couple short clips from an episode.


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    Purity Squad by ViralFilmVideo and Mimi Productions

    Trailer (coming soon)

    Come back soon to check out the Purity Squad Trailer and other videos as they are released.


  • Creative

    David J. Miller Mimi Productions ViralFilmVideo

    David J. Miller

    Director / Writer

    Show Creator David J. Miller has worked on several films and videos over the last dozen years. He has produced over ten feature films and is also an accomplished director of photography. His comedy web series' including Assisted Living and Hey Girl have been viewed on the web over 40 Million times.


    He is Vice-President of Chicago based production company Mimi Productions and President of ViralFilmVideo.com which produces web based comedy video and advertising.

    David J. Miller Mimi Productions ViralFilmVideo

    Oscar Jasso


    A native of Los Angeles, CA, Oscar Jasso began studying piano at a young age and eventually found that music was his life. As a young adult, Oscar studied composition, and his passion for music technology propelled him to the world of music for motion picture, a perfect combination. Over the past decade, Oscar has written scores for several local and international films. His music provides momentum and texture, adding a dramatic dimension which completes the story.

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